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MID400 LM358 LM324 TDA2030 DS18B20 P521 2SK1522 7805 TL431 NE555 78L05 LM339 LM317 SIM300 74AC138 PC817 S8050
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New Datasheet

  • SKCD18C120IHD
    The SKCD18C120IHD (IF =25A, VRRM =1200 V, Size: 4,2mm X4,2 mm, Package: wafer frame) possesses the features of using in 600V, 1200V and 1700V, optimized for high current density, easy paralleling du...
  • CY62256VLL70RZC
    The CY62256VLL70RZC belongs to CY62256V family which is composed of two high-performance CMOS static RAM's organized as 32K words by 8 bits. An active LOW write enable signal (WE) controls the writi...
  • MAX1737
    The MAX1737 is a switch-mode lithium-ion (Li+) battery charger that charges one to four cells. It provides regulated charging current and a regulated voltage with only a ±0.8% total voltage error at...
  • C9716J
  • 74LVCH162373APAG
  • KAD5514P-21
    The KAD5514P is a family of low-power, high-performance 14-bit, analog-to-digital converters. Designed with Intersils proprietary FemtoCharge technology on a standard CMOS process, the family suppor...
  • TCND5000
    The TCND5000 is a reflective sensor that includes an infrared emitter and PIN photodiode in a surface mount package which blocks visible light.
  • 1SMA4751
  • 1000MP
    The 1000MP is a COMMON EMITTER transistor capable of providing 0.6 Watt of Class A, RF output power to 1150 MHz. This transistor is specifically designed for general Class A amplifier applications. ...
  • HC7050/2
  • 2SK3285
  • AM4T-2403SH35Z
  • RB751S-40
  • TLPGU1008A
  • DTD143EN3
  • TMXF84622
  • 2N3467L
  • 23S08-2HDCG
    3.3V ZD CLK BUFFER SS 16-pin, -1H, -2, and -4 available only
  • RD-148
  • HCPL0500
    The HCPL05XX, and HCPL04XX optocouplers consist of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to a high speed photodetector transistor housed in a compact 8-pin small outline package.A separate connection for ...
  • BC351
  • W921E840A
    The W921E840A/W921C840 is single-chip CMOS 4-bit microcontroller that is subset of W921E880A/W921C880. They features four multi-function timers, one channel DTMF generator, an 8-bit D/A converter ci...
  • XN0611FH
  • MC33076P1
    The MC33076P1 is a type of operational amplifier which employs bipolar technology with innovative high performance concepts for audio and industrial applications. This device uses high frequency PNP...
  • 7205L25TP
  • CFM3
    • Compact 2/3 element AM IF filter with unique structure for high reliability.• Center frequency range: 450 to 470kHz• Bandwidth at 6dB: 4 to 12kHz. (4~8kHz: CFM3)
  • TMV-EN
    The TMV-EN series is a range of 1 W DC/DC converters with high I/O-isolation. This product features an isolation barrier which is approved for supplementary an reinforced insulation. SMD constructio...
  • AAT4626IHS-B1
    The AAT4626IHS-B1 is part of analogicTech's application specific power MOSFET product family.It is a dualchannel 500mA current-limited P-channel MOSFET power switch designed for high-side load-switc...
  • CMPSH-3
  • QRD1114
    The QRD1113/14 reflective sensor consists of an infrared emitting diode andan NPN silicon photodarlington mounted side by side in a black plastic housing.The on-axis radiation of the emitter and the...
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