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MID400 LM358 LM324 TDA2030 DS18B20 P521 2SK1522 7805 TL431 NE555 78L05 LM339 LM317 SIM300 74AC138 PC817 S8050
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New Datasheet

  • IXGH32N50BU1S
  • ES7020
    The ES7020 Vantage™-II codec is a highly integrated superior performance chip that combines an advanced MPEG-2 decoder with a sophisticated MPEG-2 encoder and an NTSC/PAL encoder. The ES7020 p...
  • PD120Nxx
    The PD120Nxx series provides low-voltage output regulators with the output current capacitance of 0.3 A. The output voltage varies according to the product (1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, or 3.3 V). The circu...
  • G8050S
    The G8050S is a low voltage high current small signal NPN transistor, designed for Class B push-pull audio amplifier for portable radio and general purpose applications.
  • PE40FG160
  • PTB 20147
    The 20147 is a class AB, NPN, common emitter RF power transistor intended for 26 Vdc operation from 1.8 to 2.0 GHz. Rated at 2.5 watts minimum output power, it may be used for both CW and PEP applic...
  • DZ23C22
  • CXA1553P
    The CXA1550/CXA1551/CXA1552/CXA1553 are bipolar ICs providing two separate Dolby B type noise reduction processors. The series is composed of seven devices having four Dolby levels and two types of ...
  • STE180NE10
    This Power MOSFET is the latest development of STMicroelectronics unique "Single Feature Size]" strip-based process. The resulting transistor shows extremely high packing density for low on-resistan...
  • TPS5130
    The TPS5130 is composed of three independent synchronous buck regulator controllers (SBRC) and one low drop-out (LDO) regulator controller. On-chip high-side and low-side synchronous rectifier drive...
  • HMFN16M16M8G
    The HMFN16M16M8G is a high-speed NAND flash read only memory (FROM) module containing 16,777,216 words organized in a x16bit configuration. The module consists of eight 4M x 8 FROM mounted on a 72 -...
  • RN 1B48D30
    The SOLITRON Solid State Contactor is designed for industrial heating and motor control applications.The Solid State Contactor is capable of switching 1-, 2-, and 3-phase applications with loads up ...
  • LA0581B2B
  • MCP1791T-3002E/DC
  • TPS2384
    The TPS2384 is a quad-port power sourcing equipment power manager (PSEPM) and is compliant to the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af standard.The TPS2384 operates from a single 48-V supply and o...
  • 2N3196
  • THV508T
  • MHPM6B20E60D3
  • FMC7G15US60
    Fairchild's Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power modules provide low conduction and switching losses as well as short circuit ruggedness. They are designed for applications such as motor c...
  • 84330CV-01LF
    1 LVPECL OUT SYNTHESIZER FeaturesFully integrated PLL, no external loop filter requirements1 differential 3.3V LVPECL outputCrystal oscillator interface: 10MHz to 25MHzOutput frequency range...
  • KSP94
  • 71V67603S150BQG
    9M 3.3V PBSRAM SLOW, P/L, 119 BGA, 165 fBGA, 100-Pin TQFP
  • DTC143ZUA
  • MGB48D
    1 Channel Remote Control System, 150 Metres
  • MTP23P06V
    TMOS V is a new technology designed to achieve an onresistance area product about onehalf that of standard MOSFETs. This new technology more than doubles the present cell density of our 50 and 60 vo...
  • FLM5964-6F
    The FLM5964-6F is a power GaAs FET that is internally matched for standard communication bands to provide optimum power and gain in 50 ohm system.
  • HN1B01F
  • MT6L62AE
    The maximum ratings of the MT6L62AE can be summarized as:(1):the characteristic is collector-base voltage,the symbol is VCBO,the rating is 10,the unit is V;(2):the characteristic is collector-emittr...
  • V805ME02
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