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MID400 LM358 LM324 TDA2030 DS18B20 P521 2SK1522 7805 TL431 NE555 78L05 LM339 LM317 SIM300 74AC138 PC817 S8050
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New Datasheet

  • MC10EL31
    The MC10EL/100EL31 is a D flip-flop with set and reset. The device is functionally equivalent to the E131 device with higher performance capabilities. With propagation delays and output transition t...
  • 7204L35SO
  • 7014S25J8
  • EM8Q-200
  • HDM 3224ATS-1
  • HEDS-5140#I14
    Avago Technologies offers a wide variety of codewheels for use with Avago Technologies' HEDS-9000, HEDS-9100, HEDS-9040, and HEDS-9140 series Encoder Modules. Designed for many environments, applica...
  • CC1100
    The CC1100 is a low cost true single chip UHF transceiver designed for very low power wireless applications. The circuit is mainly intended for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) and SRD (...
  • Si3447DV
    This P-Channel 1.8V specified MOSFET uses Fairchild's low voltage PowerTrench process. It has been optimized for battery power management applications.
  • 16CV8
    The PEELTM 16CV8 is a Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic (PEEL) device providing an attractive alternative to ordinary PLDs. The PEELTM 16CV8 offers the performance, flexibility, ease of desig...
  • 2SC4684
  • NESW456B
  • H02N60S
    This high voltage MOSFET uses an advanced termination scheme to provide enhanced voltage-blocking capability without degratding performance over time. In addition, this advanced MOSFET is designed t...
  • 71V30L25TF
    1KX8 3.3 V DUAL PT/MAST Master, Interrupts, Busy Logic
  • MK31VT864-10YE
    The Oki MK31VT864-10YE is a fully decoded, 8,388,608 x 64bit synchronous dynamic random access memory composed of eight 64Mb DRAMs (8Mx8) in TSOP packages mounted with decoupling capacitors on a 144...
  • HT46R46E
    The HT46R46E/HT46C46E are 8-bit, high perfor mance, RISC architecture micr ocontroll erdevices specifically designed r A/D applications thatin terface directly toan alog signals, such as those from ...
  • AM3GW-4805SZ
  • MRF927T1
    Designed for use in low voltage, low current applications at frequencies to 2.0 GHz. Specifically aimed at portable communication devices such as pagers and handheld phones.
  • NMA2412S
    The NMA series of DC-DC converters are the standard building blocks for on-board distributed power systems. They are ideally suited to providing dual rail supplies on primarily digital boards with t...
  • BC179
  • PH1090-30S
    PH1090-30S is a type of avionics pulsed power transistor which has many unique features: The first one is NPN silicon Microwave power transistor. The second one is common base configuration.The thir...
  • FRG25BA60
  • KA224
    The KA324 series consist of four independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide vo...
  • TC7WZ32FU
  • HN1A02F
  • dsPIC30F6015
    dsPIC30F Motor Control 16-bit Digital Signal Controller.Seamless migration options from this device to dsPIC33F and PIC24 devices in similar packages.
  • 2SC4523
  • CXD2598Q
    The CXD2598Q is a digital signal processor LSI for CD players. This LSI incorporates a digital servo, digital filter, 1-bit DAC and analog low-pass filter on a single chip.
  • C20T04Q
  • 74FCT163374APVG
  • AD7392
    The AD7392/AD7393 family of 10- and 12-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converters is designed to operate from a single +3 V supply. Built using a CBCMOS process, these monolithicDACs offer the ...
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