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MID400 LM358 LM324 TDA2030 DS18B20 P521 2SK1522 7805 TL431 NE555 78L05 LM339 LM317 SIM300 74AC138 PC817 S8050
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New Datasheet

  • NTE5893
    The NTE5892 through NTE5911 are low power general purpose rectifier diodes in a DO4 type pack-age designed for battery chargers, converters, power supplies, and machine tool controls.
  • R4F2456
  • AT89C5122DS
    AT8xC5122/23 products are high-performance CMOS derivatives of the 80C51 8-bit microcontrollers designed for USB smart card reader applications.The AT8xC5122 is proposed in four versions :- ROM vers...
  • DB107
  • MBR7.. Series
    Schottky Rectifier, 7.5 A
  • KRX104E
  • CD54HC173F3A
    The 'HC173 and 'HCT173 high speed three-state quad Dtype flip-flops are fabricated with silicon gate CMOS technology. They possess the low power consumption of standard CMOS Integrated circuits, and...
  • V53C16256SH
    The V53C16256SH is a 262,144 x 16 bit highperformance CMOS dynamic random access memory. The V53C16256SH offers Fast Page mode with dualCAS inputs. An address,CAS and RAS input capacitances are redu...
  • DS2164Q
    The DS2164Q ADPCM processor chip is a dedicated digital-signal-processing (DSP) chip that has beenoptimized to perform adaptive-differential pulse-code modulation (ADPCM) speech compression at three...
  • CPV364MM
    The IGBT technology is the key to International Rectifier's advanced line of IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) Power Modules. These modules are more efficient than comparable bipolar transistor module...
  • CXA2021S
    The CXA2021S is a bipolar IC developed as an I2C BUS control sound processor for TV. This IC implements surround, tone control, balance, volume, mute and AGC functions.
  • 2FAE-C15R
    The 2FAE-C15R device, manufactured using Thin Film on Silicon technology, provides ESD protection and EMI filtering for the data port of portable electronic devices such as cell phones, modems and P...
  • HFA3665
    The HFA3665 is a monolithic bipolar downconverter for CDMA/AMPS cellular applications. Manufactured in the Intersil UHF1X process, the device consists of a low noise cascode amplifier, a double bala...
  • REC2.2-4805DRW_H1
  • TL5000VCJ
    The Bookham LambdaFLEXTM iTLA is a high performance continuous wave (CW) tunable laser source for use in the C-band window covering 1528nm to 1563nm. The DSDBR laser source and control electronics a...
  • 56F8166
    The 56F8366 and 56F8166 are members of the 56800E core-based family of controllers. Each combines,on a single chip, the processing power of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and the functionality of ...
  • HVR112
  • HT814D0
    The HT814D0 is a single chip LOG-PCM voice synthesizer LSI with 8.4-second voice capacity at a 6kHz sampling rate. The chip when triggered drives a speaker through an external transistor with a curr...
  • SD040SA60B
  • AM1DR-2409SZ
  • HMS1M32M8G/Z8
    The HMS1M32M8G/Z8 is a high-speed static random access memory (SRAM) module containing 1,048,576 words organized in a x32-bit configuration. The module consists of eight 1M x 4 SRAMs mounted on a 7...
  • K4H560438E-ZC
    The K4H560438E / K4H560838E / is 268,435,456 bits of double data rate synchronous DRAM organized as 4x 16,785,216 / 4x8,388,608 words by 4/ 8bits, fabricated with SAMSUNG s high performance CMOS tec...
  • AO3419
  • CXT4033
    The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CXT4033 type is an PNP silicon transistor manufactured by the epitaxial planar process, epoxy molded in a surface mount package, designed for high current general purpose a...
  • BTD965A3
  • FOD410
    The FOD410, FOD4108, FOD4116 and FOD4118 devices consist of an infrared emitting diode coupled to a hybrid triac formed with two inverse parallel SCRs which form the triac function capable of drivin...
  • AM6T-2409DZ
  • 25AA256T-I/ST
  • ZUMTS17
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