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      The 3CW30,000H3 is a water cooled, ceramic/metal, medium-mu power triode designed primarily for use in industrial radio frequency heating services. Its water cooled anode is conservatively rated at 30 kW of plate dissipation with low water flow and pressure drop. Input of 60 kW is permissible up to 90 MHz. Plentiful reserve emission is available from its 1000 watt filament. The grid structure is rated at 500 watts, making this tube an excellent choice for industrial service.
      3CW30,000H3 has many important characteristics. Plate Dissipation (Max.) is 30,000 Watts; Grid Dissipation (Max.) is 500 Watts;Frequency for Max. rating (CW) is 90 MHz; Amplification Factor is 20; Filament/Cathode Thoriated Tungsten Voltage is 6.3 Volts; Current is 160 Amps; Capacitance Grounded Cathode Input is 53.0 pf/Output is 1.4 pf;Feedthrough is 34 pf; Length is 20.60 in ,523.24 mm; Diameter is 6.75 in, 171.40 mm; Weight is 12.0 lb, 5.5 kg.
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