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GM2621 General Description


`Zoom (from VGA) and shrink (from UXGA) scaling
`Triple-channel (8-bit) ADC and PLL
`Ultra-Reliable DVI® receiver (165MHz) DVI 1.0-compliant
`Dual channel RSDS transmitter and TCON (gm5626/2626 only)
`Dual channel LVDS transmitter
`Intel X86 compatible microcontroller with external SPI ROM interface
`Versatile OSD engine meets PC OEM specs
`All system clocks synthesized from a single external crystal
`Digital color controls and sRGB compliant
`10-bit Panel gamma correction and high quality dithering for 8-bit and 6-bit panel interface
`DDC controller for host interface purposes
`Low bandwidth ADC for keypad interface and cable detection
`Two PWM signals for backlight and volume control
`Internal test pattern generator for factory test purposes
`Energy Spectrum Management® (ESM®)
`Instant Auto™ Image Adjustment


·Mainstream analog and dual-input XGA/SXGA LCD monitors


Genesis gm5621 and gm5626 are all-in-one dual input LCD monitor controllers supporting resolutions up to SXGA, available in a very low pin count package. gm5621/5626 leverage Genesis patented advanced image-processing technology, as well as a proven integrated ADC/PLL and an Ultra-Reliable DVI® compliant digital receiver to deliver a high-quality solution for mainstream analog and dual input monitors. gm5621/5626 offer new Instant Auto™ technology, which provides fast and accurate image alignment for both static and moving images of the analog input signal. gm5621 includes an on-chip, industry standard, dual channel LVDS transmitter and a TCON, and gm5626 includes a dual channel RSDS transmitter for direct interfacing of commercially available LVDS/RSDS LCD panel modules. In addition, gm5621/5626 include an integrated X86 OCM with SPI compatible interface, a multicolor proportional font OSD engine, a programmable coefficient scaling engine, dual channel Schmitt and Reset circuitry. Along with the high quality and reliability, gm5621/5626 also provide a very low cost system design by reducing the number of components and the reduction in the board size.

gm2621/gm2626 are pin-compatible analog derivative products with integrated ADC/PLL, but no DVI receiver.

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