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K14N04FM General Description


During normal operation, the Input pin is electrically connected to the gate of the internal power MOSFET. The device then behaves like a standard power MOSFET and can be used as a switch from DC to 50 KHz. The only difference from the user's standpoint is that a small DC current (Iiss) flows into the Input pin in order to supply the internal circuitry.

The device integrates:- OVERVOLTAGE CLAMP PROTECTION:internally set at 42V, along with the rugged avalanche characteristics of the Power MOSFET stage give this device unrivalle ruggedness and energy handling capability.This feature is mainly important when driving inductive loads.

- LINEAR CURRENT LIMITER CIRCUIT: limits the drain current Id to Ilim whatever the Input pin voltage. When the current limiter is active,the device operates in the linear region, so power dissipation may exceed the capability of the heatsink. Both case and junction temperatures increase, and if this phase lasts long enough, junction temperature may reach the overtemperature threshold Tjsh.

- OVERTEMPERATURE AND SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION: these are based on sensing the chip temperature and are not dependent on the input voltage. The location of the sensing element on the chip in the power stage area ensures fast, accurate detection of the junction temperature. Overtemperature cutout occurs at minimum 150oC. The device is automatically restarted when the chip temperature falls below 135oC.

- STATUS FEEDBACK: In the case of an overtemperature fault condition, a Status Feedback is provided through the Input pin.The internal protection circuit disconnects the input from the gate and connects it instead to ground via an equivalent resistance of 100 W.The failure can be detected by monitoring the voltage at the Input pin, which will be close to ground potential.

Additional features of this device are ESD protection according to the Human Body model and the ability to be driven from a TTL Logic circuit (with a small increase in RDS(on)).


Symbol Parameter Value Unit

Drain-source Voltage (Vin = 0)

Internally Clamped V


Input Voltage

18 V


Drain Current

Internally Limited A

Reverse DC Output Current

-14 A

Electrostatic discharge(C= 100 pF, R=1.5 K)

2000 V


Total Dissipation at TC=25°C 50 9.5 31



Operating Junction Temperature

Internally Limited

Case operating temperature

Internally Limited


Storage Temperature

-55 to 150


The VNB14N04, VNK14N04FM, VNP14N04FI and VNV14N04 are monolithic devices made using STMicroelectronics VIPower M0 Technology, intended for replacement of standard power MOSFETS in DC to 50 KHz applications. Built-in thermal shut-down, linear current limitation and overvoltage clamp protect the chip in harsh enviroments.

Fault feedback can be detected by monitoring the voltage at the input pin.

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