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LMH6582 General Description


` 16 inputs and 8 outputs
` 64-pin exposed pad TQFP package
` −3 dB bandwidth (VOUT = 0.5 VPP) 500 MHz
` −3 dB bandwidth (VOUT = 2VPP) 400 MHz
` Fast slew rate 3000 V/s
` Low crosstalk (10 MHz/ 100 MHz) −70/ −50 dBc
` Easy to use serial programming 4 wire bus
` Two programming modes Serial & addressed modes
` Symmetrical pinout facilitates expansion.
` Output current ±60 mA
` Two gain options AV = 1 or AV = 2


· Studio monitoring/production video systems
· Conference room multimedia video systems
· KVM (keyboard video mouse) systems
· Security/surveillance systems
· Multi antenna diversity radio
· Video test equipment
· Medical imaging
· Wide-band routers & switches



If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications.

ESD Tolerance(Note 2)
Human Body Model 2000V
Machine Model 200V
IIN (Input Pins) ±20 mA
IOUT (Note 3)
Input Voltage Range V− to V+
Maximum Junction Temperature +150°C
Storage Temperature Range −65°C to +150°C
Soldering Information
Infrared or Convection (20 sec.) 235°C
Wave Soldering (10 sec.) 260°C


The LMH family of products is joined by the LMH6582, a high speed, non-blocking, analog, crosspoint switch. The LMH6582 is designed for high speed, DC coupled, analog signals like high resolution video (UXGA and higher). The LMH6582 has 16 inputs and 8 outputs. The non-blocking architecture allows an output to be connected to any input, including an input that is already selected. With fully buffered inputs the LMH6582 can be impedance matched to nearly any source impedance. The buffered outputs of the LMH6582 can drive up to two back terminated video loads (75Ω load). The outputs and inputs also feature high impedance inactive states allowing high performance input and output expansion for array sizes such as 16 x 16 or 32 x 8 by combining two devices. The LMH6582 is controlled with a 4 pin serial interface. Both single serial mode and addressed chain modes are available.

The LMH6582 comes in a 64-pin thermally enhanced TQFP package. It also has diagonally symmetrical pin assignments to facilitate double sided board layouts and easy pin connections for expansion. The package has an exposed thermal pad on the bottom of the package.

Reliability Metrics

Part Number Process EFR Reject EFR Sample Size PPM LTA Rejects LTA Device Hours FITS MTTF (Hours)
LMH6582YA VIP 10 0 11856 0 0 1065000 4 302196657

Note: The Early Failure Rates (EFR) were calculated as point estimate PPM based on rejects and sample size for EFR. The Long Term Failure Rates were calculated at 60% confidence using the Arrhenius equation at 0.7eV activation energy and derating the assumed stress temperature of 150°C to an application temperature of 55°C.

For more information on Reliability Metrics, please click here.

Design Tools

Title Size in Kbytes Date
LMH658x Eval Board Support Software (Version 1.7) 4864 Kbytes 16-Jan-2008 View Download

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  • Vendor: NS Pack: TQFP D/C: 09+ Qty: 450 Note: NEW  Adddate: 2017-08-21
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  • Mega Source Elec Ltd   Hong    VIP Member
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  • All New Semi CO   China    Senior Member
    Contact: Mr.JR Han   Skype:jrhan86
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LMH6582 Datasheet

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