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SN8P2624 General Description


· Memory configuration
OTP ROM size: 2K * 16 bits.
RAM size: 64 * 8 bits.
Eight levels stack buffer
· I/O pin configuration
Bi-directional: P0, P1, P2, P5
Input only pin: P0.2
Programmable open-drain: P1.0, P1.1
Wakeup: P0, P1 level change trigger
Pull-up resisters: P0, P1, P2, P5
External Interrupt trigger edge:
P0.0 controlled by PEDGE register
P0.1 is falling edge trigger only
· Four interrupt sources
Two internal interrupts: T0, TC1.
Two external interrupts: INT0, INT1.
· Powerful instructions
One clocks per instruction cycle (1T)
Most of instructions are one cycle only.
All ROM area JMP instruction.
All ROM area CALL address instruction.
All ROM area lookup table function (MOVC)
· Two 8-bit Timer/Counter
T0: Basic timer
TC1: Auto-reload timer/Counter/PWM1/Buzzer output
· On chip watchdog timer and clock source is internal low clock RC type (16KHz @3V, 32KHz @5V).
· Dual system clocks
External high clock: RC type up to 10 MHz
External high clock: Crystal type up to 16 MHz
Internal low clock: RC type 16KHz(3V), 32KHz(5V)
· Operating modes
Normal mode: Both high and low clock active
Slow mode: Low clock only
Sleep mode: Both high and low clock stop
Green mode: Periodical wakeup by T0 timer
· Package (Chip form support)
SK-DIP 28 pins
SOP 28 pins
SSOP 28 pins



Supply voltage (Vdd)................... - 0.3V ~ 6.0V
Input in voltage (Vin)............. Vss 0.2V ~ Vdd + 0.2V
Operating ambient temperature (Topr)
SN8P2624K, SN8P2624S, SN8P2624X .......... 0°C ~ + 70°C
SN8P2624KD, SN8P2624SD, SN8P2624XD .....40°C ~ + 85°C
Storage ambient temperature (Tstor) .......40°C ~ + 125°C

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SN8P2624 Datasheet

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