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SPHE8202RQ General Description


The SPHE8202RQ is designed as one kind of single-chip integrated DVD A/V decoder.It performs real-time decoding and playback of ISO/IEC 11172 MPEG1 and 13818 MPEG2 stream for multiple bitstream sources.The SPHE8202RQ is designed to maximize system performance with minimum cost.For typical DVD application it integrates DVD/CD servo controller,multi-channel multi-format TV-encoder and audio quality ADC,with high quality 5.1ch Audio,or low cost 2-ch AC3 system.

Features of the SPHE8202RQ are:(1)single chip integrated DVD servo and A/V decoder;(2)integrated DVD/CD servo controller:support 1x to 2x DVD format reading or support 1x to 16x CD format reading;(3)embedded 32-bit RISC processor without external host controller;(4)embedded audio processor supports multiple audio standards;(5)embedded I/O processor supports programmable interface control;(6)embedded TV encoder with multi-channel built-in high-speed video DAC supports various display standards;(7)built-in system PLL and audio PLL generate all clock sources required from single 27MHz input;(8)technology:advanced CMOS technology;216pin LQFP package;3v (I/O) and 1.8v (kernel) power supplies;5v I/O tolerance;(9)low power:advanced low power design;selective standby mode;programmable low speed operation.

The absolute maximum ratings of the SPHE8202RQ can be summarized as:(1)voltage on any pin relative to Vss:-0.3 to 5.5 V;(2)voltage on VDDIO supply relative to VSS:-0.3 to 3.6 V;(3)voltage on VDDK supply relative to VSS:-0.3 to 1.98 V;(4)storage temperature:-55 to +150;(5)soldering temp. (max.time): 240;(6)short circuit current:50 mA.If you want to know more information such as the electrical characteristics about the SPHE8202RQ,please download the datasheet in www.seekic.com .

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SPHE8202RQ Datasheet

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